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You were currently in your large luxurious home, more specifically you were in your room, rushing to find the right outfit. You see, you were the representation of (country name) and your superior boss decided it was time you and your ally -Germany- to form a stronger bond. You had no problem with this! As a matter of fact, you were probably the first country to form allies with the proud German country, and after that Italy, then the quiet country known as Japan. At first Germany didn't care much for your (size) country, especially since you were a woman. A female country would not exactly be Germany's ideal ally, but his strict superior insisted on bringing the two countries together to form an alliance, for Germany's strength wasn't as it was this day. He was practically average, and so his boss knew it would be wise to have allies in order for his beloved country to rise above. Soon, with the help of the rest of the axis, Germany was slowly conquering most of Europe. The Jews were now not much concern, though some were still hidden. Well, at least now things were going well enough for Germany to pay a visit with his boss.

And so here you were getting dressed, awaiting the arrival of Germany. Maybe something casual... But you still want to look formal in front of him and his boss... You decided on a simple, yet elegant blouse that was loose fitting around your arms, the color accentuated you (color) skin. After rummaging through your walk-in closet. Countless amounts of clothing spread across the wooden floor. Then, you finally stood up, a pretty black skirt in hand.

You put on the skirt that ended to your mid-thigh. Now, you simply decided on wearing your normal combat boots.

You didn't seem to notice the couple of knocks on your bedroom door, when Germany interrupted your mental praise for finding the right outfit. "(name)?" Came his deep voice that quickly made you look over your shoulder to him, feeling a little startled.

He was wearing neat dark blue suit. It was unbuttoned casually, showing off the white dress shirt he was wearing underneath, but it hidden slightly from view by the green military jacket, he always wore, it was loose around his frame still letting you take in what he was wearing under the jacket.

"Ah! Germany, why didn't you knock?" You asked feeling a little flustered, quickly closing the door to your messy closet. Germany rubbed the back of his head. "I did..." He said. You had a cute expression at his response, as if saying 'Oh I didn't know' that made the German nation feel a little warm inside. "Well, these are for you..." He said regaining his composure, and handing you a neat bouquet of Cornflowers- his national flower. Heh, he's that loyal. And to be honest, you found it quite adorable.

"Thanks!" You said receiving the bouquet, and smelling them. "Your superior requested that I tour around your country" Germany said while you both made you way down the beautifully decorated hall. Your boss was near the front door to your large mansion ((mansion, with you being a country and all)) He/she was shaking hands with Ludwig's boss and exchanged a few words in German, it was only polite for your superior to speak your guest's native language. It was very polite, and very inviting.

"(Name), You will being taking Mr. Germany through the city, and countryside. Show Mr. Germany what we have in stored." Your superior demanded strictly, but not so much as it was irritating. You nodded formally. "Yes sir/ma'am." You said and picked up your Military jacket from the coat hanger and exited with the German nation.

It was quite cold out, the season in (country name) was winter, but just the beginning. It had yet to snow, and you looked forwards to it. You and Germany decided to walk, the streets were still a little lively given the time ((night)). Your home is located in the more city of your country, weither you liked it or not, you were rather fond of it.

"Well first! Um.... Where would you want to go?" You questioned as you both continued walking along the sidewalk of (country name) the orange-y glow of the night city lights brightened your vision. Germany was taking in the true beauty of his surroundings in (country name). He seemed to hesitate before answering "Is there anything in particular you'd like to take me?"

Right away your (eye color) eyes brightened. Germany noticed this and averted his gaze slightly, a light tint of pink graced his cheeks. You knew exactly what you would like to show him, but not quite yet! You still had to have him taste some of your fine (your nationality) cuisine. "Well, there's a popular five star restaurant near here. I even think they have some German on the menu!" You said excitedly pulling Germany around the corner of a building, taking him to where the well decorated restaurant was.

You and Germany were now inside the restaurant. Of course, you and Germany ate free, with both of you being countries and all. Though, as the two of took your seats many of the residence were keeping an eye on Germany, not so much you. You were well known of course. Germany must have seemed far more intimidating, especially with his current situation in Europe. But your people had nothing to fear, both of your countries were allies, you were both joined together, neither of you'd dare break the bond by intruding or invading upon each other's lands.

It must have been because of Germany's situation, yes, you were certain. The residence were suspicious as of who your blonde haired companion was, but surely if he had been wearing that familiar blood-red band, the one with those two sharp like 's's that formed the swastika symbol, he would be recognized. And possibly feared, despite both of your countries being a part of the Axis Powers, Germany was a pretty intimidating man. With his Platinum blonde hair and cloudy blue eyes that showed what ever emotion he was capable of feeling, that people happen to forget that such a feared nation could possess any emotion after the terrible deeds his führer committed.

The many curious gazes had made the German nation feel rather uneasy, as his blue eyes fidgeted, trying to keep concentration on the menu, instead of the curious gazes. You hadn't noticed, you were looking at the menu as well, a slightly visible smile evident upon your features. Although taking Germany around your country was a strict demand from your superiors, it lightened you up a bit, you were glad to take up this mission. It barely felt like one with the pleasant company of your fellow axis, also known to you as your best friend.

By then, you two ordered, and soon your food was delivered to your table. Although you were sure he had been fancying the German wurst as a side, he chose your traditional (national food). You were quite thankful, and felt complimented by this action.

"How did it taste?" You asked Germany excitedly. You both finished your dinner and were now exiting the beautiful restaurant though, he did seem rather persistent wanting to rush out of there. "Hm? Oh, it tasted great!" He said, not paying attention at first, he was just relieved to be away from the many curious gazes that bestowed upon him in the building.

Now you two continued to walk, both with full stomachs. You think it was about time you show him that ideal place of yours.

"Germany, I have an idea where to go next." You said. The pure excitement could be seen in your (color) eyes that shined, the edges of your mouth perked upward to form a smile that you were unconscious to it forming.

Just seeing you in this joyful state once again, made him feel warm within his mind. His gaze that was set on you had been short lived, as you pulled him by his arm leading him across the streets, turning corners, nearing the edge of the city, to the busy harbor. The tall German nation was keeping watch of where he was going, making sure that he didn't fall trying to catch up to your speed.

You finally stopped at grassy hill-like slope by the sea. He huffed, catching his breath. He wondered why you brought him over here, by the sea during such a cold season. You seemed completely oblivious to the cold weather, let alone the fact that you wore a skirt as you slumped to the ground slowly, leaning against a tree gazing at the beautiful sight. Germany hesitated before joining you on the ground. He noticed you're fascinated gaze set upon the sea, and so he averted his to the scene as well. He quite understood what you were marveling at, how the moon's reflection shone against the sea, some of the small boats or occasional ships passing by.

He had not seen such a beautiful scene, for the images of war and the faces of innocent, tortured people were imprinted forever within his memory. He had seen many things, a normal being would not be able to live with. Thus, for such a gorgeous scene such as this, had brought the little faith he had in this war-torn world.

"I always come up here when I feel overworked." You said, now turning to him. "You've been working so hard lately, with the war and everything." You said, your smile was no longer visible but the mix of emotions still played in your (color) eyes that just bore into his soul. Germany sighed, it was true. But he had to keep working himself, for his country.

"Who has the time to relax in a situation like my country. You have to work hard to achieve your goals." Germany said, though it sounded more like a lecture. You were used to it, and had grown aware of how it was just how he spoke. And you quite liked that about him.

You scooted closer to him and surprised him when you placed your hand on his broad shoulder. You giggled as he tensed his muscled. "I give the best massages" You said causing him to chuckle.

It had been the first time in a while that you had heard this.

"It's a little too cold out here for that now isn't it?" He said noticing you getting a little closer, shivering. You looked up at him and smiled "I guess I wasn't paying attention to the weather, I wanted to show you the harbor so badly!" You said oh-so cutely causing another pleasant chuckle to flee the German man'd throat.

"We can go back home if you want, I know what will make you loosen up a bit! My people always use different techniques for relaxation." You said, both of you standing up. He agreed, and you both walked back to your luxurious home.

Once arriving, you shed your jacket upon the coat hanger, Germany did the same. You grabbed his arm like you had done outside, guiding him  down the hall. He thought you were taking him to your bedroom, his face becoming flushed at the thought. "(n-name) where are we going?" He asked stopping in his tracks. You looked up at him confused. "To the bathroom!" You replied gleefully and he sighed in relief. Wait, to the bathroom? You gave him no reaction time as you brought your arm around his once again, leading him to the above average bathroom.

He felt a little uneasy when the door was closed. He knew you wouldn't try anything, but what was worrying him, was if he would try something, not being able to control himself. He stood in the center of the large, luxurious bathroom as you shuffled through the cabinets, different sorts of lotions were held within your arms as you pulled a stool from under a cabinet, and back to the center where Germany was. "Take a seat, and keep your back straight~" You instructed him and so he did, taking a seat on the stool. You placed the lotions aside, and made your way in front of the German nation. Although he was sitting on a stool, he still seemed pretty tall, and so you got on your knees and began unbuttoning his shirt.

He could not contain the strong blush that spread across his usually pale face. "I-I can do it myself" he said said unbuttoning it all the way and discarding it on the floor next to him. You giggled at how persistent he want being. It was truly adorable.

Seeing him completely shirtless was pretty exciting, butterflies fluttered about in your stomach as you lathered some lotion by his collar bone. The German man tensed at the feeling of the cold lotion against his flesh, but he almost immediately relaxed when you pressed your thumbs along the outline of his collar bone, and traced circles.

You heard him exhale, his eyes half lidded and he looked to you. You were still kneeling in front of him, that was the best position to massaging this part of his torso, but it felt unnerving to him because of how close you were to his crotch.

"Does it feel good?" You questioned, using your other fingers to spread the lotion, and he took another deep breath, feeling in pure bliss. He nodded in response.

Now your lean fingers trailed upward a little more above his collar bone nearing his neck, then he stiffened, his eyes remained half lidded. You pulled back thinking you had done something wrong. "I'm sorry, did I press too hard?" You asked causing a blush to form on Germany's cheeks.

"Keep touching there..." He said bringing your hand up to his neck again, pulling you a little closer. You liked being this close to him, but it made you nervous and your body began to heat up. You obliged and began to rub smooth circles onto that sensitive area near his neck causing his breath to hitch.

The same reaction, it made you think that you were hurting him but it seemed rather pleasurable to him, as you could see from that expression of his. But then a blush crept over your face. 'Oh jeez what if that's his special spot' you thought shyly. Like Italy's curl, or America's cowlick.

You were certain of this. You felt brave and leaned closer to him, your breath against his neck as you laid a kiss on that special gape by his neck.

"Mh... (Name) what are you doing?" He asked quietly, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes remained half lidded. Over the couple of years with you two being allies, you had never attempted something like this. Well, it was about time. He needed it as much as you did, perhaps even more.  And so you continued trailing soft kissed up and down his neck. When you leaned in more, you felt something a little hard against your stomach and just then you were certain what your actions were doing to him, and you knew how much he was holding back the urge to just glomp you right then and there.

He grabbed you by the shoulders and pulled you a little away so that you were looking at his face. "(N-name)! I'm sorry I can't help myself... Ich leibe dich" He said, you saw how flustered he was by the redness of his face. But he leaned in and connected your lips together.  His action caught you off guard a little bit, but you did give in to the kiss, your eyes closed as you felt the true passion within it.

You weren't sure if this was what your boss had in mind when they said 'form a stronger bond with Germany', but you loved every second of this moment.

Maybe you should try bonding with him a little more often.
A request from :iconchrisy-9-chris:

Since it is Nazi! Germany, I added some my own knowledge of what he would be like, he'd think less from a woman, he'd definitely be intimidating, and I added a little info about the Jewish people, I MEAN NO OFFENSE AT ALL!


You can commission me for $1 if you'd like a part two!

story (c) me

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
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